Thoracic Surgeons of East Toronto



Benign and malignant lung and pleural disease

Learn more about lobectomy.
Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic
Meet the preoperative team and get ready for surgery.
Learn more about open surgery of the thorax.
Learn more about causes and treatment.
Thoracic Surgery for Palliation
Surgery for improving quality of life for our terminally ill patients.
With emphysema or COPD proper exercise is paramount.
Learn how to do it in the comfort of your home.
Instructions for your upcoming PET scan.
Instructions for your upcoming lung biopsy.
Bronchoscopy (part 1 | part 2)
A videoscopic look inside the airway.
Some frequently asked questions.
Unable to quit before surgery? Learn more.
Be prepared for your important meeting with your oncologist.
VATS Lobectomy
Learn more about minimally invasive lung resection.
Tenchkoff catheter management
Lear more how to care for your chest drain.
VATS bullectomy
Minimally invasive surgery for recurrent pneumothorax.


Benign & Malignant esophageal and stomach disease

A complex procedure. A surgical team approach.
Antireflux procedures
“Acid reflux” can be a debilitating condition. Learn more.
Heller Myotomy
For patients with Achalasia. Learn more.
Palliative procedures
Procedures that help improve the quality of life for our terminally ill patients.
Esophageal stenting
A minimally invasive approach to help overcome swallowing difficulties.
A complete videoscopic assessment of the esophagus and stomach.


Procedures for malignant and benign mediatinal disease

Learn more about Bronchoscopy & Mediastinoscopy.
A minimally invasive method to stage lung cancer.
Learn more about minimally invasive and open resection of the Thymus gland.
Video Mediastinoscopy
A safe approach to assessing lymphnodes within the mediastinum.


Important instructions regarding your day surgery at MGH.
Patients are admitted to hospital the same day of their procedure; here’s a helpful guide.
Learn more about Tenckhoff Catheter.
Chest wall tumors
Uncommon tumors; learn more about treatment options.
Hyperhidrosis surgery
Excessive sweating; minimally invasive surgery may offer a solution.
Pectus excavatum
Learn more about this condition.
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